How  To Be A Lady Negotiator

Being a lady negotiator is easy! Just remember these tips when going into your next negotiation:


  • Be confident. Replace “I feel like I should be compensated for my work” with “I should be compensated for my work.” Remove phrases that chip away at your confident voice, like “I’m not sure if…” and “…if that’s okay.” State your request and stand by it.


  • Be proud of your accomplishments and don’t underestimate your previous work experiences. Have you worked retail? Then you know how to deal with crazy people. That’s an asset your employer benefits from. Were you an admin? You likely learned to follow directions and work efficiently. You may be applying for specialized work, but you bring general skills with you that are very important.


  • Be informed before making a request by doing lots of research. For salary negotiations, visit sites that collect salary information and see if any relevant professional organizations publish that data as well. Do a basic search for “[your profession] + salary.” You may find results from unlikely sources.


  • Be strategic and come up with a game plan before entering a negotiation. For example, it could be as easy as “I will state my request and then sit quietly and not back down.” That’s a great strategy, but harder than it looks.


  • Be persistent. Until you hear “no,” you haven’t been rejected. If your manager tells you that your desired salary is higher than average or the car salesman says that’s a low price, thank them for investigating your request. You may start to feel guilty, but remember that this is business. Be strong.